Saturday, 7 March 2009

Melgarve Bothy and Meall na H-Aisre.

Bob was knackered after a weeks hard graft and didn`t fancy a wee bothy trip.So,it was just myself and Scott that headed up the A9 on Friday night.We were a wee bit worried about getting the car up to the bothy with all the fresh snow.Well,I was worried...I didn`t fancy a 6k walk in with a bag of coal and then the same back out the next morning.This didn`t seem to bother Scott too much....far too much energy to burn these young ones.As it turned out it wasn`t too bad going up the single track road from Laggan,though we were reduced to 5mph at times when the snow had drifted in the lee of the trees.Got to within a few minutes walk of the bothy and Scott very kindly humped the 10kg of coal in :)

Soon had a fire going and a few beers and a few bottles of wine :)

We didn`t turn in until 3am which we regretted in the morning.Up at 7.45am and had a quick coffee or two and a couple of fags by way of preparation for the hill.There had been a considerable thaw overnight and we made good time down to Garva Bridge.

Scott leaving Melgarve bothy with hangover...

Usual weather when I don`t listen to Bob alas.Rain was pissing down and the clag was hovering around 500ft above the road.Jules had already bagged this Corbett so Scott and I had no excuse to turn around and head home,so, off we set up the hill.Took one pic all day.

Summit conditions...Scott takes a bearing..

Not a lot you can say about a hill day like that apart from it was crap..!!

Apart from the Corbett tick and the trig point tick :)

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