Sunday, 22 February 2009

Meikle Says Law.

Heather the Weather she say East East it was.Bob picked me at about 8.30am and we headed along the M8 towards the sunshine.I had my eye on the Marilyn Meikle Says Law in the Lammermuirs.Stopped off on the way in Gifford to try and buy an OS map but to no avail.South from Gifford along the B6355 at first and then on to a minor road with the odd large pothole....just like Glasgow :)

Parked at NT612636 in glorious sunshine.We booted up and then set of mapless down the track to Faseny cottage.

A look at Anquet Maps on my pc the previous night had assured me that if we follow either of the landrover tracks to the North we would be transported effortlessly to the summit.Like buggery they do..! Our chosen one petered out not long after crossing the river....talking of which there is no bridge here and you will almost certainly get wet feet after any rainfall.Anyway,onwards through the heather and we reached the summit in 1hr 15mins although both of us felt that it was harder than most Munros.

Alex bags the trig....a primary one at that :)

Loads of ticks for me on or near this summit.A Marilyn,a trig point,East Lothian county top and a few hundred yards away the Berwickshire county top was duly bagged also :)

We split up as usual and took our individual routes back to the car.Loads of white hares around and you would expect a healthy raptor population as a result of this...we never seen one all morning.Draw your own opinions with regard to that...

Bob decided he wanted to go to Bellhaven Bay at Dunbar to see if he could get some decent surf shots.Suited me because I could bag a few trig points and a bonus Fundamental Bench Mark on the way.

View over to Traprain Law from the Whittinghame FBM....

We rolled on down to Bellhaven bay only to discover that whatever wind there was,was in the wrong direction for the breakers to appear.Nevertheless there were some great views along the beach towards the Bass Rock......

Visited Yellowcraigs beach on the other side of North Berwick on the way home for more pics of the rock also.A Marilyn,2 trig points,a FBM and a Bernsten to tick for me.As if anybody else is interested :)

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Norman`s Law.

Encouraged by the Captains "bon temps" forecast for all area out east ( no surprise there then ! ) the two of us set out for Largo Law in Fife.Packed the sun tan lotion as directed by the Captain along with a couple of parasols to ward off the suns rays and off we went.

"What do you want to hear then ?...I`ve got some good music on board " says the Captain before we even get out my driveway....he senses a captive audience."Nothing" says I. "Nothing is NOT an option" I was pointedly informed.The options were Soundtracks from Michael Caine movies,Gnarls Berkely,Guillemots,Death By Floosie and half a dozen others whose names escape me.But I don`t like any of them I protested."That`s because you haven`t listened to them loud enough" the Captain snorted and turned the volume up full blast.What he didn`t tell me was that they were all on the same minute we had rap segueing into weird celtic chants.Gonna be a long trip I thought so held my breath for 10 minutes until I lapsed into unconsciousness. :shock:

The Captain was so engrossed in this musical jamboree that he drove straight past the road to Largo Law and we ended up in the depths of North Fife."Aha...Norman`s Law...let`s go up there" he cried.
So that`s wot we did.

The Captain approaches the summit...

It looks a we bit agricultural on the OS map but it turned out to bwe a fantastic wee walk through stands of pine trees and over a succession of knobbly bits to a fine pointy summit.The musical assault on my eardrums was forgotten when I spotted a trig point on the summit :D

Great views over to Dundee,the Tay bridges,Cairngorms,Lawers group and south to the Lomonds and Pentlands and we only met the first person of the day on the way back down to Luthrie.A great wee Marilyn tick.

I fancied that we should bag another trig point on the way home so we pulled over in Livingston and parked in the 10 pin bowling alley car park for an ascent of Dechmont Law.The good Captain was neither up nor down for this ascent but on seeing that the way up involved going up an alley covered in dogshit through a housing scheme he perked up considerably and started snapping furiously...a big smile on his face.Although only a small hill above Livvi this was another cracking 270 degree view.
There was even an indicator on the summit languishing amidst a pile of empty Buckfast bottles which didn`t,as you would expect,point out Ben Cleuch,Ben Lomond etc;but instead pointed out and named all the pit bings and industrial estates visible for a 20 mile radius.Bob read them all off and reminisced..."Aah...the 5 Sisters bing.You really should go there Alex,it`s a great hill can see Shotts bing from here..!! What a lucky girl Martine was growing up amidst such magnificent scenery"the Captain opined. Meanwhile I kept an eye open for any possible approach by the Livvi Posse...

Proof that the indicator showed pit bings and industrial estates....

The trig after clearing the buckfast bottles....

A Marilyn and two trig ticks and I was happy... :lol: