Tuesday 30 April 2024

March April.2024. Castle Semple, Erskine. Spring walks.

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 This is a compilation of four different walks undertaken during March and April. 2024. All are enjoyable. First up is Castle Semple Water Park. Deep woods here. above.


We ( Alan and I) couldn't find a dry day in a really wet week of grey storms and constant rain in late March. This was an ok day bar a few heavy showers by the afternoon. The rain had just stopped mid morning as we got out the car so we had it dry and timed it well for a few hours walk but with the heavy mist and drizzle still lingering on all the higher surrounding slopes and the threat of it returning....getting soaked was a distinct possibility.

Something I see more often now.. A mature healthy tree whose roots held... simply snapped in half by the wind strength. Winds are increasing.


So it's been a wet and mild winter so far but not without damage.

Toppled tree.


Eventually April came along and brought a few friends adding some life and colour...


Black Cart Water. Castle Semple day.

 The view from the temple. Cycle track and walkway below.


The Semple Temple Mound.


Castle Semple Loch.

Swans and Ducks.


Then a wonderful spell of sunshine occurred.. Heat made things spurt up faster. Berberis. 


Wood Sorrel.


Marsh marigolds.



Tulip Display. Victoria Park. 


Glasgow University.


Lost Duck.




Mar Hall.

Magnolia In Bloom.

Two Stags.

Poppy Plane.

Life and death in the circle game. Someone's Ophelia perhaps....

Hill Farms in the mist.


Golf Course View.

Elaborate Bench.

Erskine Beach walk.


Bowling Harbour.

The Fossil Grove.


Cycle track tunnel.

Deo Gloria.


Greenhill Country. Renfrewshire.

 Inverclyde View.

 Kayaker. Castle Semple.


Wild primroses.



Alan tests out a new wet suit for leaks.....



Farm track.

The Greenhill Country.

Wednesday 17 April 2024

Byres Road Subway Trip. The Lanes District.

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I had to go into Byres Road in the west end of Glasgow a few weeks ago and used the subway to get there from Partick Underground Station. I've taken photographs of the trendy enclave of Ashton Lane before ( situated just behind Byres Road) but never been completely happy with them. It is a popular place full of bars, restaurants, shops etc... so there's always people milling around that spoil the photos or delivery vans in the way, blocking the lane in the early morning. 

Finally this time, in the afternoon, I got it completely empty of people.

I've had these photos sitting on the computer so it's time to get them out and free up some space as taking photographs on every walk takes up a huge amount of file storage space on it.


Ashton Lane backs onto The University of Glasgow at one end which is one of the reasons it's hardly ever empty. Just as you go to take a shot people will spill out onto it but this time thankfully I finally managed to tick all the boxes to my own personal satisfaction and get it clear.


A mural just behind Byres Road Library.

 A close up detail I liked with tiny elephants.

 Pastel mural.

 I was not even intending to visit the lanes district this time around but I had an hour to kill unexpectedly so found myself passing time here and for once I was lucky to get it free of people.


 Beautiful church  off Byres Road.


Book club mural.

 Boyd Orr Building. University of Glasgow.

 New Glass Order. University of Glasgow.


Faces mural I missed out last time here.

New building. University of Glasgow.

 Older building. University of Glasgow.

 Memorial Detail. Same building.

 Oran Mor spire and old car showroom, I think.


Restaurant flower display.

Wall painting. Ashton Lane.

University District looking towards Byres Road.

Ornate Balcony in Ashton Lane.

Oran Mor gate entrance.

Oran Mor Church on Byres Road. Now an entertainment venue.

Isolation Mural?

Tabby Mural.

Unusual one.

Green mural.

Geometric one.