Wednesday 17 April 2024

Byres Road Subway Trip. The Lanes District.

                                                   ALL PHOTOS CLICK FULL SCREEN.


I had to go into Byres Road in the west end of Glasgow a few weeks ago and used the subway to get there from Partick Underground Station. I've taken photographs of the trendy enclave of Ashton Lane before ( situated just behind Byres Road) but never been completely happy with them. It is a popular place full of bars, restaurants, shops etc... so there's always people milling around that spoil the photos or delivery vans in the way, blocking the lane in the early morning. 

Finally this time, in the afternoon, I got it completely empty of people.

I've had these photos sitting on the computer so it's time to get them out and free up some space as taking photographs on every walk takes up a huge amount of file storage space on it.


Ashton Lane backs onto The University of Glasgow at one end which is one of the reasons it's hardly ever empty. Just as you go to take a shot people will spill out onto it but this time thankfully I finally managed to tick all the boxes to my own personal satisfaction and get it clear.


A mural just behind Byres Road Library.

 A close up detail I liked with tiny elephants.

 Pastel mural.

 I was not even intending to visit the lanes district this time around but I had an hour to kill unexpectedly so found myself passing time here and for once I was lucky to get it free of people.


 Beautiful church  off Byres Road.


Book club mural.

 Boyd Orr Building. University of Glasgow.

 New Glass Order. University of Glasgow.


Faces mural I missed out last time here.

New building. University of Glasgow.

 Older building. University of Glasgow.

 Memorial Detail. Same building.

 Oran Mor spire and old car showroom, I think.


Restaurant flower display.

Wall painting. Ashton Lane.

University District looking towards Byres Road.

Ornate Balcony in Ashton Lane.

Oran Mor gate entrance.

Oran Mor Church on Byres Road. Now an entertainment venue.

Isolation Mural?

Tabby Mural.

Unusual one.

Green mural.

Geometric one.


Carol said...

So... do you think the prolific murals thing is a) a Glasgow thing b) a Scottish thing or c) a city thing? As I rarely visit cities I'm wondering if most cities are like that?

If I have to put digi-photos on my laptops, I compress every single one of them to document size! The file sizes are ridiculous otherwise. My new digi-camera puts out photos at about 7 MB file sizes and there doesn't seem any way to discourage it! I scan my film photos to come out at about 300 KB filesizes.

blueskyscotland said...

It's probably a worldwide town and city thing Carol. Yes, that's the only downside for me taking photos is the amount of space they take up as I have ten sets still sitting on it still to post. On the plus side I sometimes look back at my early posts, the mountaineering ones or inspired photographic ones, that I've completely forgotten about and think 'who was that person?' as I certainly couldn't climb that stuff now. So it's good in that respect but like anything else it is an addiction... one the entire modern world is hooked on in some form or another... the internet age of posting everything online. Reminds me of the 1800s famous stage actor in Glasgow's Necropolis with the dedication on his large tomb. " He needs no introduction as his name and international legacy will never be forgotten down the ages." Yet I'd never heard of him and probably 99 percent of people alive today wouldn't either. Like Jenny Lind or Evelyn Nesbit. Heard of them?

Kay G. said...

What wonderful photos! I can understand how difficult it must be to get that picture without any people spilling out of the pub, especially if it is so close to a university! We have our University of Georgia here and my Dad used to joke that they all majored in DRINKING! LOL!
I am glad that they didn't tear down that lovely church building, but it seems so strange for me to see them turned into entertainment halls or restaurants. That's just me, you see, I mean for them to be places of worship for so long....

Anyway, hope you have a great day!

blueskyscotland said...

Cheers Kay. We have a great number of churches in the UK that have been turned into other things like rock climbing centres, community hubs, etc due to falling traditional white Christian worshipers. Quite a few are abandoned and derelict so it's good at least some of them have been used for other things. The Oran Mor Church is wonderful inside with Murals by renowned artist Alasdair Gray. If you type in ' Oran Mor Church. Glasgow. Alastair Gray.Interior Murals.' you should see them for yourself. Or 'Celestial Ceiling Mural. Oran Mor. Byres Road.'
Best wishes. Bob.

Anabel Marsh said...

Territory I most definitely know here! Love it.

Carol said...

I've heard of Edith Nesbit (aka the Children's author) ;-)

The main reason I post on my blog about my mountain exploits is actually because I love reading back at what I've got up to in the past. I really enjoy it. Sort of like a pictoral diary.

blueskyscotland said...

Evening Anabel, I bet you've been into more places in Ashton lane than I have. Mind you with Spain, Amsterdam, Venice, Edinburgh and Skye filled to the brim with tourists maybe Glasgow has a chance to shine. I,m still happy in basic bothies so Ashton Lane does not appeal, except for photos. Did see a Kate Bush tribute band in the Oran Mor though.

blueskyscotland said...

Hi Carol, Evelyn Nesbit was the Marilyn Monroe of her era, arguably one of the most famous females in the USA in the early 1900s with her image on everything and one of the first multi media celebrities and 'influencers' to use an internet term. Look her up on wiki as it's an interesting story.
Jenny Lind was a world famous Swedish Opera singer but the main reason I knew about her is that a small housing estate near where I lived was named after her which earned it my curiosity many decades ago. It's still there to this day.

Anonymous said...

Hi uncle Robert x excellent photos and very interesting reading ! Hope you are well ❤️ Joanne x

blueskyscotland said...

Cheers Joanne, Yes I'm fine. Was out yesterday climbing a very scenic hill. I'll send Vi some photos later and she can pass them on. Hope everyone is OK over there.
Best wishes. me.

Kay G. said...

Bob! I just looked up Oran MOr in Glasglow. So beautiful! So much going on there....pantos, weddings, concerts, etc. So happy the building was saved!