Sunday, 11 October 2009

Maidens Bay,Culzean Castle...........

A change is as good as a rest they say so we put it to the test and headed for an old favourite.Parked at the Maidens by the sea front (Culzean is pricey to park your buggy inside the grounds) then walked along the beach towards the castle.

The local pony club was out and the sea was pretty frisky with white horses of its own.It was a nice relaxing walk first on sand then past the first cliff over several rocky bays.It gave the view out to sea over to Arran a raw untamed feel but it wasn't that cold.

It has come to my attention, browsing through a couple of photography books from my local lender that certain photographers of low standing think they can improve on natures perfection by rearranging things to suit themselves.You won`t catch me indulging in that nonsense.I keep it real!

We spent a bit of time messing about looking at rock pools then took a wee detour inland as this walk is stuffed with interest round every corner.

After another nice bay we spotted the castle ,impressive on its clifftop setting overlooking the sea.It`s got to be one of the most stunning with its position and outlook.

Where we were headed was the cliff underneath the castle as this was riddled with caves in all shapes and sizes.The best ones, in which I spent a very spooky night bivvy on my own years ago, are now locked with iron gates. Think there is now a guided tour for them from inside the castle.
We were left therefore with the open ones which still had a few sizeable passageways in them.

Here`s the best one we were able to explore.

After that we wandered round the grounds.Last time Alex was here he was a young kid.Good colours starting to show on the trees as we made our way round the large estate.We didn't go into the castle as the sun came out and wallets were returned to dark pockets with relief.

Had lunch beside these guys which was a change from wind swept hill tops.Next up was happy valley, my favourite track in the estate at any time of year,towering rhododendrons on both sides ,pines and eucalyptus trees giving it an exotic feel.

This led us past the swan pond back to the beach where the tide was now out.Oh dear,I feel an arty picture coming on.

You can almost smell the sea off this one :)
A nice little walk on the west for a change.Weather sunny away from the hills hence the reason why we were here.It was now our intention to bag a hill for Alex the nearby Mochrum wood hill,which looked good for views but a nasty surprise awaited us when were got back to my newish car. (Wish I`d kept the old one now) It was dead, no life an ex Megane.We borrowed a spanner and got a jump start (thank you good Samaritans) but it was no use. Think of the worst place to break down and we broke right there.Twice!!!

First at the lights on a busy roundabout then later in the dark in three lanes of fast traffic.We were towed back in disgrace to Glasgow cursing French electrics.That all I`m going to say on the matter...... Yours disgusted. A fine little walk spoiled by the nasty sting in the tail.Thanks to Alex though for being his usual calm self while I was tearing of a branch to beat the crap out of it with.
A true friend.And he`s definitely doing the blog next week now he`s back on line.


The Glebe Blog said...

Culzean looks great.
Did i detect a couple of references to John Cleese in this blog Bob?.Sorry to hear about your motor.
C'est la vie

ruthie said...

I hadn't known about the caves at Culzean! iwe shall have to go visit. How awful that your car broke down, i should have been quite petrified breaking down in such a spot, bloomin cars! *ruthie*

blueskyscotland said...

C,est la vie nothing Jim! It will rise again even if I have to jab at it with a sword thurst into its infernal organs.A new car is like a new dog. You have to show it who,s pack leader or your doomed!
To Ruthie.Hi I,ve looked at your Blog ..Very nice artwork.Took a picture last year which may appeal to you.I,ll find an excuse to work it in to a day out soon somehow.I,m quite pleased how it turned out.Needless to say Alex thinks its merde.(He know nowt about art though!)

andamento said...

We visited the grounds of Culzean in June this year. We had a great time though we did pay for the privilege - thanks for the tip about parking at Maidens. Will look out for the caves next time too.

Hope the car's sorted!