Sunday, 17 January 2010

Goldenberry Hill and The Knock.

Hey! Sit up please.Don't be like me slouching at a strange angle typing here with one finger and a deep heat treated leg wrapped up in several layers of material.A wee medicinal vodka at my bedside purely for solace you understand.
Here`s a tale of two pretty green hills done in lush conditions.In my world, as you know,that impertinent fluffy white stuff is soon banished with a slap to the frozen Arctic where it belongs.
Here's a story instead of the anticipation of spring, green shoots of snowdrops peeking shyly out of flattened grass and views from semi tropical hilltops over an emerald oasis. The golden realm makes a welcome return.Yippee!
Soon be crocus lawn,then be daffodils then be leaves on trees again.Here be a hibernating dragon hungry for the heat.Bring it on.
Yellow gorse was even in bloom all the way up the second hill but I`m ahead of myself again.Step back in time.
Alex had never been up Goldenberry hill.Despite this It took a bit of coaxing on the phone to get him out at all.We went.After a dull start it turned out a smashing day.I enjoyed it.Alex was bored.Missing the bigger hills I imagine.
We parked in Portencross ,a small but pretty hamlet with a tiny harbour and a castle getting a makeover.

At first the weather was fairly raw and unpromising (these pictures were taken on the way back) but it soon improved after a dull start.

From the car park a nice beach walk leads to the path up past Ardneil farm then up the hill.I like a beach walk me.Alex less so.Shame that.

We don't agree on lots of things. Music, films or art.Still it would be a boring world if everyone liked the same things.

There were a couple of fields full of sheep busy munching turnips on the path up.The farmers often put these out at this time to build the animals up so that healthy lambs get born in spring.
A few other walkers and one lone cyclist joined us on the path up the hill.

The view from this hilltop summit is extensive.West over the islands of Great and Little Cumbrae,Bute and Arran.North over Hunterston,Largs and the Dunoon hills.

We could look across and see Kaim Hill, one of our early postings on this blog almost a year ago now.So far in all that time we have had one semi wet day (Lammermuirs) and a dusting of snow and sleet (Kaim Hill).Not a bad effort so far.
The way down was north, following a partly forgotten path leading steeply down through the woods to little Brigurd as I thought it would be fun to walk under the Hawking Craig back to the car.
This is a fine level walk,signposted,with the Three Sisters cliffs looming impressively above.

Also got a good shot of Little Cumbrae and St Blanes hill on Bute, one of my favourite places in Scotland. Hopefully get over there this spring.

As it was still early back at the car we drove to nearby Largs and went up The Knock,a fine little hill with even better views over the Firth of Clyde.For anyone who has not driven over the minor road from Largs to Greenock,if you are in the area go on and treat yourself.Its a beauty.Great open moorland, sweeping scenery and nice empty driving.We took the other balcony trail above the Firth,parking at the L shaped wood near Knock castle.Good paths also start from Largs and Brisbane mains.

The sun was hitting parked cars when I took this.Alex enjoyed this hill more than the first.Me, I enjoyed them both.Easy walking up an emerald slope followed to the sheep dotted summit.

A smashing day out with palm trees,sandy beaches,lush green fields and porcelain blue skies.
After the past month of long lasting ice and snow its back to the tropics folks!.


blueskyscotland said...

I think I was spoiled by the stunning weather in Kintail the previous weekend Bob.
Having said that I perked up when I discovered that Goldenberry Hill is on the list of HUMP`s.
Hundred Metre Prominences :)
Had another cracking winters day up at Bridge of Orchy yesterday as well.!

andamento said...

Fantastic photographs. I like the sound of these walks - not too long and steep, not much driving involved to get there but still lovely scenery to enjoy. Will keep a note of these walks for nearer the summer myself, thanks for sharing!

blueskyscotland said...

I,m always on the lookout for new interesting walks myself.Been up these a few times now and never not enjoyed them on a good day.Another smashing walk is to park in largs on the street beside largs academy and walk up the track ,past farm, leading to Greeto bridge(waterfalls)then out over moors to hill of stake, or shorter, return downhill from bridge(more waterfalls) following the Gogo water through nice woods back to car.A varied day out on good paths.This is one of my all time favourite walks.Bob.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it great not to be trudging uphills in 3' of snow! Can't say I'm missing it. Looked a good sky for walking under...almost springlike.