Sunday, 10 January 2010

A night prowl.

As has been mentioned before Alex sometimes misses the greater ranges.Me, I do not, particularly in winter.At this time of year smaller mounds do me.They tend to be warmer and more sheltered,that way I can cling to my grand delusion of an all year round summer in Scotland.Frostbite and spindrift up my crevices tend to impact too much grim reality into this mental utopia.
Bugger that.I also have my own ideas as to what constitutes an adventurous outing these days.Wee hills mean you can bag a few then still have time for a night time prowl.
So....first stop on a lovely calm and still Sunday was Loch Ardinning for a quick stroll round the frozen landscape.

On the way back cut down the middle of the loch following animal tracks into the reeds at the narrows.It was at this point I fell in but I knew it might happen here as the ice was very thin and it was only knee deep as expected.You could see the bottom.Still cold though but I got my shot of mice chewed reeds.
Next stop Conic Hill, socks drying out at max on the windscreen heater vents, bare feet in a spare pair of trainers.I`d heard that Loch Lomond was partly iced over around some of the Islands and wanted a look.

Good view from the top.Very icy descent.Only some of the loch frozen but picturesque.

A few pics then off to the Lake of Menteith for round two.Last Sunday 20 cars approximately in the laybys this Sunday..........

........a two mile parking jam on both sides and thousands on the ice.Got a spot by arriving late and lady luck.Off to walk over the ice to the islands a very rare opportunity indeed.No sign of the ferry now.

It reminded me of a Lowry painting with all the little figures. Bagged both islands then decided with heavy heart and legs that a good viewpoint would be on top of the hill overlooking the loch.The Menteith hills seen here......

......were too high to climb before night fell but a smaller outlier would do for a good outlook.
And so it proved.

A great day and it wasn't over yet.Motored back listening to" Soulsavers- Broken", socks and sounds back on.Happy!
Took the back roads through Kippen and got a good evening shot of village lights.

Next came Fintry and then Drumchapel where I left the car for a walk through this pretty village on the northern edge of Glasgow.

Its a great scheme for night time views as its built on several small hills.Castlemilk is the same, always good for a wee stroll at night meeting interesting local wildlife.

Didn't put the flash on as it would have chased it away.
I`ll finish with this one of a river of ice in a car park near Bearsden.

See, you don't have to go up mountains to find adventure I found plenty in Drumchapel and surroundings.I like the odd prowl of an evening sometimes.You never know what you might stumble across out in the darkness.

A good little day and night out and still back in time to watch a film.Keep yer big uns I`m a small mound boy when the snow is around.


Alistair said...

My hero Bob. Drying your socks on the windscreen heater - just like the old days! We really must meet up for a day or three on the hills sometime...

blueskyscotland said...

And I still survive on a diet of tinned beans and sausage, all day breakfasts and cheap own brand vodka.Lets make it three wee hills done on an afternoon.That way I can still get a long lie in bed as I,ve now discovered.I,m an undercover hillwalker til 12 noon on sunday these days!!!!!!

blueskyscotland said...

Just found some old pics of our kayak trips round the west coast islands Alistair.Seems a long time since we paddled round a good chunk of inland Scotland together.Wah!!! What happened to our carefree youth when a hard days effort was pain free? Bob.

The Glebe Blog said...

Best icicles i've seen this year Bob