Friday, 15 July 2016

Made of Stone. Photographs around the City of Glasgow.

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A gallery of photos with a stone (or concrete) theme. City Centre Building. Red Sandstone Period Detail.
A couple feeding the birds. It's only when you look up at Victorian and Edwardian buildings you see the real splendour of the artwork.
Carved Lion. Old Red Sandstone Protector.
Cycle Race in Glasgow Green. Nelson's Monument. Over 40 metres tall and the first civic one in the UK to commemorate him.
Tribute to Billy Connolly- Comedian, Musician, Actor and Presenter on a new(ish) building in Anderston District. Glasgow near the spot where he lived and grew up.

Holding up The Mitchell Library in Glasgow. Entrance.
The Gate Keepers. Pollok House.
Southern Ganglands. The "undercroft" of a dark cathedral.
Paisley Gothic.
22 floor Hi Rise.
A Lost Woody. Child's toy dropped in park, probably thrown out of pram, hence the well known saying.
Bike ride in gangland. No Alice or White Rabbit in sight here. Spooky place at night as it's deep in a dark claustrophobic wood. Grendel's lair.

Mural on wall- maybe promoting the annual Mela in Kelvingrove Park which is on this Sunday 17 July 2016.... or maybe something else entirely.
Red Sandstone buildings around Charing Cross.
St George and the Dragon. Dragon looks unhappy at rough treatment- which wouldn't be allowed today.
Popular music trio of the time. The equivalent of a "Selfie" took slightly longer to develop back then leaving plenty of time to get the "pose" just right.
Side view of spires and domes.
The angel above the ABC Music Venue in Glasgow, hence the graffiti- not American in this instance.

On another note-- does anyone have problems posting comments on here?... or viewing the photographs large screen size easily?  And if so what are they? I have taken off word verification altogether but that seems to mean you sometimes have to pick pictures from a grid to get a tick. If I leave word verification on you have to copy a word- I don't see any way around this on blogger though unless anyone has suggestions? It also sounds a hassle to change everything over to Wordpress.


Mike@Bit About Britain said...

I've been really struggling to leave comments on Blogger friends' sites since launching the new Bit About Britain on Wordpress. There's no doubt you can do more with WP, but the two platforms don't really like each other. BUT - Google Friend Connect works really well from Blogger. Aspects of Blogger are really very good. I am experimenting with Bloglovin, and that's OK - but for some reason it won't let me leave comments on your blog, and a couple of other Blogger blogs. Most of them work fine. I've just included you in a WP feed - which I don't really understand yet - and I'll see how that goes. Your photos work fine - and are great, incidentally. That was an interesting, and varied, tour. A reflection of the City, which certainly has a great deal of variety; as, I guess, do most cities. It's Friday - time for a pint.

Linda W. said...

I've had no problems leaving comments on your blog. I do it through Google Friend connect so maybe that's why. I also can view your photos full size just fine (just tried to do it and it worked). I have noticed I've not been getting as many comments as usual on my blog so maybe folks have been commenting but they're not getting through. (I do have comment moderation turned on so that might have something to do with it????) Seems like there's always some sort of issue with Blogger, darn it!

Anabel Marsh said...

Great post. Looking up in Glasgow is always rewarding.

blueskyscotland said...

Cheers Mike,
As I also write E-books and spend a lot of time sizing and picking photos I'm certainly not keen to change to another format. There's a fine line between enjoying going away then posting stuff and it becoming a burden if you do not have much free time left. I noticed that effect on longer holidays when I had hundreds of photos to sift through and it became a daunting task rather than a pleasure to pick the best ones. Think I'll stick to what I've got now as it sounds like a major task you had and I'm not that keen to expand my workload if I can avoid it.

blueskyscotland said...

Hi Linda,
Cheers for that info. I've certainly not had any problems on your blog posting comments. Yep, you just get used to blogger as it is and they change something else... par for the course these days when you can never get the same trousers, shoes, shirts, walking boots etc if you try to buy another identical pair a year later.

blueskyscotland said...

Hello Anabel,
Thanks for dropping in. A woman who might remember The Green Bunyip and Andre Norton, two well known children's writers from long ago.(1960's- 1970's)

Linda said...

WHat a fascinating and lovely series here! Thanks so much for sharing.

Carol said...

Well you know how I find leaving comments! ;-) Maybe it is a Wordpress/BlogSpot conflict? but then I'm leaving my comments via Name/URL and not my Wordpress account which doesn't seem to work.

I really love your old Glasgow architecture but I don't think I'll ever love the modern stuff. And those areas under the buildings look pretty scary!

As for St. George and the dragon-slaying - unfortunately, the tougher standards only apply nowadays to people - other creatures still get a raw deal. What makes me particularly irate is that if someone tortures, maims or kills an animal (especially for fun), is that it's classes as 'vandalism' within the law. Vandalism against a living creature?! :-(

jinjacoo said...

Interesting. Where / what is the cathedral?

blueskyscotland said...

Cheers Linda.

blueskyscotland said...

Hi Carol,
Don't think I'll be changing over to Wordpress unless I really have to as I've got enough to deal with online as it is.

blueskyscotland said...

Hi Jinjacoo,
It's a large square water tower in the middle of Crookston Wood in North Pollok near Dormanside and the biggest example of it's kind I know about. I grew up in Pollok and lived there for many happy years so it was a cycle ride back in time.
Just by co-incidence I was checking out the White Cart Water for a kayak trip and you were the only person who had posted anything online about it I could find.
If you don't mind I'll add you to my blogging list as you seem to like similar outdoor things... cycling, kayaking, hill-walking etc. I'm always looking for new places to go.

jinjacoo said...

Thanks for the info.
Yes, no problem about linking, will do same if that is ok?

Enjoy the White Cart - it seems to be a bit trashed by people dumping all sorts over their walls, but definitely worth a look - saw a kingfisher zipping back and forth across one stretch close to Paisley.

blueskyscotland said...

Cheers Jinjacoo,
Yes, that's fine. There's a couple of kayak posts you might be interested in I posted in May and June of this year. Loch Ard river trip and Ardlui River Falloch. Both provide enjoyable paddling and are great easy day trips if you haven't done them. No doubt I'll be checking out your back issues when planning future kayak trips as there's not much info on urban rivers at all. Already done the White Cart on Saturday just passed and loved the experience so will post that soon... seen an otter and loads of other wildlife so it must be fairly clean although I was not keen on falling in as it did smell a bit dodgy.
Happy adventures and best wishes.

Susan P said...

hi, I'd like to get in touch about using one of your images on a graphic panel in a museum - how can I contact you offline? Thanks, Susan

blueskyscotland said...

Hi Susan P. What photograph do you have in mind and what is the location and name of the museum?

Susan P said...

Hi, it's the one of the terrapin in the pond at Kelvingrove Park, and it's for the new natural history displays in Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. Thanks, Susan

blueskyscotland said...

Hi Susan,
Feel free to take the image of the terrapin off the blog with my blessing or if you require written permission or anything else I can come in to the K A G and M in person. I look forward to seeing the end result as I haven't been in for a while. When will it be on public display?

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much, that's great. Could we get a high resolution version of the image, and what would you like your credit line to be? The new displays will open at the start of December.

blueskyscotland said...

Hi Anon,
As it was way back in 2013 it was taken and I didn't have the quality camera I have now plus it was a zoomed image the terrapin photo on the blog itself is the best image available. Sorry. If you still want to use it just credit it to Blueskyscotland. As I write Scottish photo books on kindle that no one seems to buy I need all the publicity I can get :o)
Best Wishes. Bob.

Susan P said...

Thanks Bob, I'll check with my colleague and I'll let you know asap. Many thanks for your help.
Kind regards, Susan