Saturday, 16 September 2017

Colour Companions. Sunset Splurge. Most Famous Female in History?

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After last weeks tribute to a special lady here's another. I have to say 'Belinda' has a much better view of the world than I have as she lives on a hill overlooking the city. I'd marry her in an instant but only for the amazing panoramas from her windows. This is not one of them :o)
Pink for a girl. It was on a recent bus trip into Edinburgh that she happened to ask... "Who is the most famous woman in history?"
After a think about it and several suggestions from her I replied "Cleopatra... it's got to be! "
I explained my reasons. "She died over 2000 years ago yet her image is still everywhere around us, in almost every country, despite not really knowing what she looked like. Given that fact it's fair to speculate that she will still be around and known throughout the world 2000 years in the future and still be an icon then if humans still exist. Even robots will know her story. Who else can match that? Will any modern celebrity/ individual be well known and instantly recognized by nearly every person on the planet 2000 years from now?"
The Virgin Mary and Joan of Arc were considered then dismissed. (V.M. demoted as that image of mother and child was apparently lifted straight from Isis and the infant Horus according to many historians and no genuine provable evidence exists of a real women as yet but Cleopatra's image, life and death is verified by countless coins and ancient tablets. Also, V.M. has been heavily promoted for well over 1000 years by the vast machinery of Catholic and Christian churches into every home yet still remains unchanged as a static image. (Cleopatra meanwhile is on everything in modern times from food products to lucky charms to gambling machines- slightly ironic given her unlucky end and is still as famous/ infamous as ever she was yet she also evolves and changes style and even colour/race with each new generation's tastes and attitudes.) Joan of Arc has that as well, just not as much or as universal, being again tied to one religion and a certain static look. In short, she doesn't appeal or fascinate modern generations in the same way.
Once I'd explained why I thought Cleopatra should be number one she eventually agreed. Hence the last photo post tribute to a true immortal.... Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator to give her the full title. Names are also very important in the long lasting memory game. Famous people that have hard to pronounce names do not get remembered past their own death usually. It can be that simple. That and a great back story... preferably with a tragic ending.
So the answer to the post/quiz/tribute last week that no one bothered to guess is.... The Royal Queen of Ancient Egypt. Maybe it was too easy for an answer?
Sunsets can come in a range of colours. Goldilocks evening here on a frozen Lake of Menteith. Belle missed this, which was a real pity, as she can ice skate fairly well.
Cloud reflections on the outskirts of Glasgow near Clydebank. A beauty mirror for a muse.
Flamingo pink dawn over the Western Highlands.
Catkins and cherry trees. Late spring.
Almondvale colours. Loth-Lothian.
Stars fallen to earth.
Wild garlic.
Forsythia reflections. A bush named after a direct relative of UK entertainer Bruce Forsyth. As it flowers very early in spring each year, sometimes with late snow still present, it is often linked with resurrection.
The River Leven at Dumbarton.
Flowering gorse bushes on the Kilpatrick Hills.
Beautiful blue skies and daffodils. Glasgow's glorious western suburbs.
Daffodils in Glasgow park.
First light in the Western Highlands. The Avalon spirit world colours of my own Morgan Le Fay perhaps?
Red sunset on the River Clyde.
The red earth of Loth-Lothian.
Sunset on the River Clyde. Renfrew Ferry. Last crossing of the evening.

As a contrast to feminine pursuits here's a manly, 'band of brothers' style video. A classic modern song I liked immediately it also featured on the compilation CD Western Skies- best new American Music... which has been a favourite on long car journeys for several years now as it features many different bands but not a bad song on it.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Alma Deutscher.

I was going to mention this child prodigy in passing on the next photo post as I watched this documentary last week on TV and it was a real highlight. I'm not really a fan of classical music or opera so I had never heard of this girl before now which made the recently shown documentary even more fascinating. Stunned to find it on You Tube so quickly and I've no idea how long it will stay in place but it certainly made paying the TV license fee worthwhile as I'm normally underwhelmed by child performances on things like Britain's Got Talent etc (rarely watch reality TV at all if I have control of the buttons), where you have to wade through hours of mediocre dross to find anything of interest.
And if anyone thinks I,m posting this on here for any other reason than that I enjoy watching truly gifted artists performing with obvious enthusiasm, as her sister is talented as well, you obviously don't know me very well.
An exceptional documentary I really enjoyed and well worth seeing even if you don't watch it on here.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Ra and Isis.

                                              ALL PHOTOS CLICK FULL SCREEN
                                                This is a tribute to the undying lands
                                                                of immortality
                                                   and the Queen who lives there.
                                                             First and supreme

                                                           Seventh of her name.
                                                  One born over 2000 years ago
                                                        yet one who will never die
                                              as long as the human race remembers
                                                                 she will live on
                                                               Thea Philopator.
                                     Born before the first dawn on this bare dark world
                                                         and destined to live on
                              until the last star in the ocean above falls from the heavens
                                                             Mother of religions
                                                            Daughter of Glory
                                                  keeper of the sacred flame of magic
                                                           A Queen of Kings
                                                                 Sister of Set
                                                               But who am I exactly?
                                                                    And why?
                                                  This should be so easy to answer :o)
                                                 as it's never the end......for her.