Friday, 8 September 2017

Ra and Isis.

                                              ALL PHOTOS CLICK FULL SCREEN
                                                This is a tribute to the undying lands
                                                                of immortality
                                                   and the Queen who lives there.
                                                             First and supreme

                                                           Seventh of her name.
                                                  One born over 2000 years ago
                                                        yet one who will never die
                                              as long as the human race remembers
                                                                 she will live on
                                                               Thea Philopator.
                                     Born before the first dawn on this bare dark world
                                                         and destined to live on
                              until the last star in the ocean above falls from the heavens
                                                             Mother of religions
                                                            Daughter of Glory
                                                  keeper of the sacred flame of magic
                                                           A Queen of Kings
                                                                 Sister of Set
                                                               But who am I exactly?
                                                                    And why?
                                                  This should be so easy to answer :o)
                                                 as it's never the end......for her.


Anonymous said...

Stunning sequence of images!

Linda W. said...

Nice sunset pics!

Linda said...

How gorgeous and breathtaking!

Anabel Marsh said...

Fantastic photographs, every one.

blueskyscotland said...

Cheers all. Nobody want to have a guess at who the mystery female is?

Carol said...

Okay, okay... so you still get better sunsets than I do in my new place! ;-)

blueskyscotland said...

Yeah, but you have only been there a short while- give it time. Have you shot all those dirty starlings yet? Can't have all that nature gathering in the countryside- soon have it looking like Yorkshire again with no dragonflies, furry critters or birds around :o)

Carol said...

I think avian wildlife in Britain is pretty much UNpersecuted - it's the poor old mammalian wildlife which gets shot, hunted, abused and persecuted (especially my favourite and harmless herbivores) - and all for no reason. If they'd just leave everything alone, they would all sort themselves out and not bother us much! I just wish we'd leave nature alone :-(

blueskyscotland said...

Very true.
Being serious for a moment there are times when I'm not in favour of National Parks as Loch Lomond N.P. seems to create as many problems/ rules/ regulations as it solves. Being a national park they get money to promote areas and encourage more people to visit them than would otherwise be the case then inevitably they have to police that area and lay down restrictions to stop antisocial behaviour. In some instances for wild land, beautiful but rarely visited except by locals, and not under any development threat it's the kiss of death to get picked out as special, extra car parks built and people encouraged to visit in numbers that before would have gone largely unnoticed by the majority.
Also, once these organizations get a pile of money through grants, donations etc they have to spend it on some big ambitious project to justify having it-not always with great results.
Sometimes it is better for certain areas which have survived for centuries in good condition, left to their own devices,- not to be 'Discovered' by anyone.

Carol said...

I have to say I don't understand this constant need for promotion of the outdoors and the hills etc. If people are interested, they'll find them for themselves as they always have. It just seems to encourage non-country-lovers into the countryside where they often wreak havoc. They're certainly very often noisy.

Mike@Bit About Britain said...