Sunday, 28 February 2010

Turnberry Coastal Walk.

After returning to the car at Girvan we consulted the map then headed for Turnberry beach and the famous hotel and golf course.Parked in the village car park and took the path down to the beach.For all four of us this was a new stretch of coastline and a nice one at that.
We were bit by bit exploring the Ayrshire Coastal path in easy sections after a morning hill tick.Good views out towards the volcanic upthrust of Ailsa Craig and a pleasant mix of sandy beach and rocky headland gave us an enjoyable second half to the day.
A few streams to cross gave us a chance to practice our jumping skills.Old age is a cruel thing to behold!
Chalky had several big dogs to scare with his sneak attack and furry shuffle, rock pools and a natural arch made for a pleasant diversion for us.

The unmanned lighthouse past the point was the obvious target and point of return.
From here we could look across at the Culzean Castle parklands.A fairly average hill day complemented by an interesting beach and good company.Another chunk of the Ayrshire coast under the belt.And the first day of spring tomorrow.How good is that.

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