Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Loch Leven Cycle Trip. Tadpoles.

This is an update from last Sundays bike run round Loch Leven (25/4/10) as I`ve got some nice pictures after all. I`m running a week late now due to fitting in the greater ranges stuff.I was also out for two days this Sunday and Monday, both of which turned out to be a bit on the adventurous side.These will be put up later when I get time to write them up.Alex is occupied at the moment with something else,lucky swine, which will be explained soon by him with a words and pictures contribution.
Anyway this is my garden pool with marsh marigolds looking resplendent in the spring sun.I`m now able to update Taddie Cam with a couple of proud pictures of my brood.

Just when I thought my humble wee pond would be empty without fish the opposite is true.It`s teaming with life the fish would just have gobbled up.If you look closely one of them`s mouthing" I love you Daddy" at the camera.Aw!Bless its little tail.

Its not a complete paradise on earth however as there are numerous things that might still fancy a tadpole for lunch.I think this is a water spider and the pond has quite a few of these but they spend most of the time on the surface.Haven`t seen them grabbing a taddie yet.

If I do see them after one of my little wrigglers it`ll be dad to the rescue and they`ll get netted and lobbed swiftly at the neighbours cat.
Anyway.Loch Leven.Never really been here before apart from a flying visit to suss it out a few weeks ago.No time like the present.Yippee! A new area to explore.

Got here just as the rain stopped.Put the wheel on the bike and set off from the car park in Kinross down by the ferry pier.Easy flat cycling round the heritage trail with good views and plenty of benches for a seat.I was in a lazy mood today,no hurry, just dawdling along.Couldn't believe the number of snails on the path dozens of them enjoying the moist ground.As you lot know by now it doesn't rain much over on the east coast :0)

This guy was off in a hurry.

So was this one.

This one wasn't.The Marilyn Munro of snails.Slinky, slow and slippery sexy.
Guess which one got eaten by a thrush.Sexy and apparently delicious too.

I think this was a buzzard but it was big enough to be an eagle.Didn`t look barn door shaped though.Supposed to be the classic way to tell an eagle at a distance.

Loch Leven is famous as a nature reserve which is where the trail was heading, ending at Ben Vane farm.Its a fairly popular bike route with families and groups of kids.

This was a good section through the pines.When I approached Ben Vane Farm another good bit appeared where it skirts Benarty hill and you get a fantastic view cycling on a balcony trail above the loch.Wish it lasted longer though.Magic stuff.

Not being into cafe/restaurant culture except when on holiday abroad I didn't stop at the farm nature centre.Besides I`d seen plenty already. I`ve probably got more happening in my pond at home for free than any of their big puddles.
From here you can go back the same way if you have kids or carry on, cutting onto the B9097 which is pretty busy and fast moving it has to said but its only for 3 klms then minor quite roads via Hatchbank and Wood of Coldrain then Dalqueich led me back to Kinross and the car.(shorter roads back also an option here via Chance Inn.)

All in all a good easy day out and just what I needed.As I was off for the bank holiday the next post will be something else entirely as I could use up all my energy without having to save it for work next day.



beautiful photos.

Anonymous said...

I like the tadpoles ~ and the snails :-)

blueskyscotland said...

Your comments are much appreciated ladies.Its funny how I can post pictures of High mountain ranges and men are impressed.As soon as I put up flowers or any attempt at artistic stuff the boys look away in embarrasment.To me they are all stunning in their natural image of perfection.I,d recommend digging a small pond in their garden to anyone.Mines is only 2 foot across by 5 foot +2 foot deep.(hey! I,m old no metres here thanks)but its a joy to watch in summer with hoverflies,dragonflies and butterflies paying me regular visits.If you are an urban terrorist you could even dig a pond overnight in your neigbours garden. Boy!Think how impressed they,d be if a wee pond suddnenly appeared overnight on their lawn.:0)