Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Fifteen Leaves A Falling.An Advent Calendar for Autumn.

For Fifteen Autumns I have tried and failed to capture the full bittersweet glory at this time of year.The changing of the leaves on deciduous trees and shrubs that make autumn in the UK so special.That ground rainbow of primary colours appearing that happens slowly day by day.
Autumn 2012 has been particularly vivid in its depth of colour, the best  Autumn for ten years,and I have been out trying to capture it at its finest with my usual obsessive determination. This is my way of hanging on to the last shreds of summer,both hands holding Persephone's dress as she struggles to return to the underworld.I want to live in an eternal summer again,like before.Alone with her.
This year I had a good firm grip.The leaves have not yet fallen. Hades can howl all he wants.
I will cling on as long as I can.

Personification of nature is not new to me. I understand the rules.

You can find the end of Rainbows and stroke butterflies and bats in caverns where they sleep during their annual 'little death.'
Bees can be saved now they know which pesticides are killing them.If they have the will.

Next year apple orchards will dance in delight and cherry tree snow will fall in pink and white drifts on roads.
I whisper in her ear that we will miss her glory and that when she rises again a Scottish summer doesn't have to be wet ,muddy and cold.
That there can be more than one week of settled conditions during Spring.
That its her job to save all the wildlife....because no one else will.
I say we will meet again in April....In these woods near the Temple of Solomon...If I,m spared.
In fairytale,fable or fantasy... in life or death... heaven or hell... I will find her again.
The world we live in can seem grey and bleak at times... but rainbows sometimes appear after rain when you least expect them.

Today,s video is static as its the song that's the star.A modern classic. Best new song I,ve heard in a long ,long time.
Angus and Julia Stone.   Yellow Brick Road. A cautionary tale describing the pitfalls of following fast chemicals and faster women beyond the edge of the known world.  A land where people also chase rainbows and get dragged towards the underworld.


Carol said...

Well, you've certainly put my autumn photos to shame there - what superb colours you've got! I really love that first photo too - how did you do that?

It has been a pretty good autumn though this year hasn't it? There was a superb tree outside work - a lime-yellow sycamore framed by golden beeches - I damn-well forgot my camera when I was on dayshift and the leaves have fallen off now :-(

Anonymous said...

Yes, definitely the best autumnal colours since I moved to Scotland, so the best of at least seven. Is a lack of autumnal gales the key?

Been putting leaves on the compost heap today. It's almost over.

Neil said...

I dont think that I can remember when last the colours were so strong. However, last nights wind and rain seems to have stripped the trees around here. Looks like its coming to an end for another year. Bring on the spring....

Carol said...

Anyway... you still haven't told me how you did that tricky first photo! Scared of giving your technical secrets away? :-)

blueskyscotland said...

Hi Carol.
Just got back from a 4 day trip today.The first picture is taken through the suicide railings on the Eskine Bridge which have dozens of thumbnail sized holes in the metal.
The reason the colours are vivid is that I know all the best trees
and locations in my area now after 20 odd years of October observations.
The leaves actually look brighter in dull light conditions just before or after heavy rain.

blueskyscotland said...

Hi the23.
Just quoting the media which decided it was the best autumn in Scotland for ten years.I certainly cant remember such long lasting displays.Lack of gales and all that summer rain seem to have created favourable conditions.

blueskyscotland said...

Hi Neil.
Yeah, Winter is not my favourite season but with Springs and Summers getting wetter every year its all much of a muchness now.
Still.In four years we have only had a couple of snow showers and a handful of days where it rained at some point during a walk so its still possible with modern forecasts to find good weather every week.

The Glebe Blog said...

Great pictures and wonderful prose Bob. Are you a published poet ?
It's certainly been a colourful autumn.
Can you remember how this little ditty finishes.
Little bird on the wing, cannot fly cannot sing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,?

blueskyscotland said...

Cheers Jim.
I did write poetry for a while in my hasty youth but the subject matter was not the usual variety so I,ve never published any.
I can remember a couple if you fancy a poetry post but somebody else might nick them.
Cant remember ditty but here's my stab at it...
Little bird on the wing,Cannot fly cannot sing...
So eats lots of bread and shits instead.
How's that?
A true life observation from my garden.