Tuesday, 13 January 2015

This Island Earth. Selfie at the World's End?

A post inspired by the headlines and ever increasing storm force winds of the first month of 2015.
                                                ALL PHOTOS CLICK FULL SCREEN
 Do we still believe the world is flat?    The majority of us...No.
Have we learned anything since we discovered we actually live on a ball? Deep down.As humans.No
Do we still kill,smash each others temples,and make constant war in the name of invisible gods? Yes.
Do we use up the world's ever dwindling resources, making millions of frivolous products we do not actually require? Yes.
Do we continue to destroy and destabilize the climate, the forests,the vegetation, and the oceans that we all rely on to survive and which may yet prove our one true salvation? Sadly... Yes.
Are we continually sidetracked by distractions?               All the time. It's in our nature.
Will we take a selfie of each other, fighting, squabbling, praying, or cheerfully dying, thumbs up, at the world's end, after we have wiped out everything else on earth first? Probably.
 This small crowded ball we live on is the only tangible reality and always has been.
If an alien race came to this shabby corner of the universe, at some point in the future....
will they study the empty ruins around our depleted planet and conclude that we all suffered from
a collective madness that eventually eradicated us in the end?
Well... that will be for them to decide.
as we will be long gone and scattered, by the unstable forces of nature we helped to create.
Then the long slow painful miracle of single cell life can start again... with us safety removed from the picture.
The End.

A song I always liked with topical lyrics. Decades old now but more relevant than ever. A cautionary tale for our increasingly uncertain future?

Photos in sequence from top..... Anniesland Tower.Glasgow..... Christmas Tree at Anniesland Cross..... Stag at Lomondgate. Dumbarton... Cairngorms Sunset.... Loch Leven Cliffs..... Mist Inversion on Ochils..... Black Alcove. My House..... Winter in the Trossachs..... Kilmacolm view.....Anderston District in Glasgow..... Slow-Mo Christmas Lights..... Herd Mentality in Renfrewshire...... Sun Ball on Skye..... Hydro in Glasgow..... Fairy Pool in Buchan.


Carol said...

Woooarrghhhh! Sparks! phwoarrrr! Russ Mael was fit! (as we say around here)

You're absolutely right and it will not be a bad thing when we're all gone in my opinion (and my parents'). Particularly agree with your comment:

"Will we take a selfie of each other, fighting, squabbling, praying, or cheerfully dying, thumbs up, at the world's end, after we have wiped out everything else on earth first? Probably."

I'm entirely sure that will happen judging by the news reports of where people will take selfies.

Those photos are superb. I especially like the huge sun (I'm sure I saw that from Cumbria if it was late summer/early autumn last year), the sunset and the stag. Where is the stag?

blueskyscotland said...

Hi Carol,
Yes, a very talented and under rated band that started in the late 1960s as Halfnelson, became a novelty sensation in the 1970s as one of the first electronic pop duos
to have hit records but have also pioneered many different experimental styles of music over 20+ excellent albums to the present day.I always admired Ron Mael's clever lyrics and dry sense of humor(Humour in UK. Leave our English alone USA!) and Russel's singing ability.
You pass The stag going along the A82 at Dumbarton(Lomondgate Business and retail Park) Another of Andy Scott's Sculptures.
I've included a list of where the photos were taken now.

SuperLux said...

Incredible shots as always, guys. I especially like the sunset. :)

blueskyscotland said...

Cheers SuperLux,
The orange ball sunset was taken on Skye near Uig where the ferry leaves for the Outer Hebrides across the wild Minch.

The Glebe Blog said...

Hi Bob, co-incidence we were just discussing the same thing on our group walk on Saturday.
It's in my thinking that the human race will all but perish and the earth will begin to repair itself. Maybe there'll be survivors to have another go, maybe not.
Great pictures as usual.
I liked listening to Sparks 'The number one song in heaven' in the car. It was great to drive to.