Friday, 5 November 2010

Urban Autumn.Glasgow Parks and River Clyde.

We did go out on Sunday as usual but Alex was ticking a hill.For once the weather was not great the photos were rubbish despite our best efforts and I forgot my boots for the first time ever(Doh! I left them in the wrong car.Mine!)

I have here however a good collection  of recent pics to capture the delights of Autumnal weather.
Spring is my favorite season of course but I must admit Autumn can be not bad for colours.
Although I enjoy the greater wilderness beyond Glasgow sometimes when the weather is really foul as it is now the urban zones around cities have their own delights.It is more sheltered and warmer here and the colours are actually more intense probably due to the extra stress of trees living in a city.
Glasgow has some great parks.Some of the best in Europe in fact and we tend to take them a little for granted til we go abroad and see whats on offer there.On the odd occasions I do go further afield in the UK and Europe it just makes me realise how special this Victorian legacy to us really is.They had the effort, the money and the vision- we just reap the benefits.With the proposed  and ongoing sweeping cutbacks to services however its only a matter of time til they start looking at parks and public gardens as costly items that maybe could be pruned back so we can not afford to assume they will always be open whenever we want to visit them.Hence this little reminder of the wonder around us.
This is either a young wood mouse or baby rat.At that age I find it hard to tell.It did have very big hind legs for a mouse though!
Any Ideas?

This is looking over Shawlands from Hillpark.Yup I,ve been  getting  around despite the rain.

The Erskine Harbour area is really under rated as a walking venue.It has lovely half day walks and one full day monster(Which I may save for a post later so hush hush.)
From the car park at the Erkine ferry slipway, (no longer running due to the bridge.)there are a range of options.Up and over the Erkine bridge with stunning views.
Or follow the river past the golf course into the big woods of Erskine hospital grounds which are extensive and beautiful with many hidden paths.
Going the other way you have wide views over Clydebank A walk and cycleway all along the Clyde with many points of interest til you reach Braehead and the smashing little Ferry Park.You can also go across the Renfrew Ferry If its still running.Not been across on the latest version for a few months.Hope its still on.
Another walk- cycle offshoot goes along the river from the ferry past a scrapyard carbreakers then up the Black Cart water til it meets the White Cart.Also good. Very flat on a bike.
And if you are lucky a Large ship may be heading upriver when you are there.
Happy days.
Mind you I still prefer spring!


andamento said...

I really enjoyed looking at your collection of Autumn photos. I've been meaning to head out to the old Erskine Ferry road on my bike at some point so thanks for reminding me about that. I like Autumn very much but also prefer Spring, promise over decay I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Nice autumnal shots ~ and very cute mousey-ratty thingy :-)

auntiegwen said...

You should get sponsored by the Scottish tourist board, who could read this and not want to visit?

blueskyscotland said...

To andamento.Many thanks.I always enjoy cycling over the Erskine bridge and the many bike trail down both sides of the Clyde from here.Always a fun and interesting day out.
To Catriona.I should have offered a finger to the mouse/ rat.Once I,d seen its teeth in my paw I have a better knowledge.Too late now:o)
To Auntiegwen.I agree as long as I dont have to work weekends.
I was out with Alex in the Borders on Sunday.Big day! Good photos.His turn now.Bob.

PurestGreen said...

Incredible photos. I love the wee mouse (looks like a mosuse to me) and the views from the Erskine bridge are stunning.

The Glebe Blog said...

I'd say you've got a Meadow Vole there Bob.
Isn't Scotland beautiful.

Robert Craig said...

Nice pics from Erskine Bridge - always wanted to walk over it but never got round to it - I love the view down the Clyde, past Dumbarton Rock to the hills of Argyll.