Sunday, 15 July 2012

Obsidian Slices.Love Letters To Lucifer.

I like to keep my readers on their toes.And Myself.Experimenting with different themes and personalities keeps it fresh for me.Exploring new projects and landscapes of the mind.
Time for a flip then.Life has two sides to her coin.Dark side uppermost this week just for a change.A  pretty morning star theme. a reversal of religious symbolism and imagery.Did you know that Lucifer was actually a light bringer? My scalpel sharp Angel Of Jet.My King Of Babylon.
Apologies to the Goddess of the Waters.Wouldn,t this sight surprise the commuters travelling on the A80 though?  If sections of the church are so resistant to the idea of female Bishops...What about a female Jesus? Or one with more than human powers and emotions?
This post is all about perceptions.Reality or Illusion.I thought this workman was coming towards me with a knife.Great I thought.I,m finally getting my invite into hell.I couldn't wait to try out my new horns and tail down in the underworld. I,d even filed my teeth down to jaggy points in preparation for the big day.
"Boy am I glad to see you!" I grinned." Come here to Daddy!"
It actually turned out to be a thin plate of metal seen side on,like a cd case, which was needed for a repair.You never know about life.Reality or illusion.Its hard to tell sometimes.The workman was normal and passed by quickly...I was the threat. Strange days Indeed.I would not harm a butterfly.
I decided to find new places of adventure below the bad weather of this dismal summer.A few outings with a difference.
Signs and portents were everywhere.
"Rise" she said,whispering in my ear.
I Did. A metal Via Ferrata beckoned.I would threaten the very gates of heaven itself.A death wish played against the stars.To stand on the rooftops of this world and gaze down into the next.
Or was that also just a dream? A wish fulfilment to climb an urban mountain?All of them would soon be gone.
Glasgow will be a different place without its tower blocks reaching towards the sky.My lord will have lost his mighty towers of Babel all over again.

Even the followers of the law were leaving.No Clients left here.

But towers and walls they used to build for those who stray too far beyond the boundaries of reason.

Ah. To bake some pies filled to bursting with human eyes...A gift to feed my fairies.


Alistair said...

Really enjoyed that Bob. I'm assuming it's you Bob! Angel of Jet, brilliant. Brilliant photos too. A refreshing change. More please!

blueskyscotland said...

Cheers Alistair.
As you probably know Obsidian is the sharpest natural material found on earth.500 times sharper than any metal blade.Black glass from an ancient volcano is still used in surgical scalpels to this day and in weapons since the stone age.
I was inspired by watching "Shutter Island" in case you are wondering.
I am aware Jet comes from monkey puzzle trees ,I just like playing with words.

The Glebe Blog said...

Very interesting Bob, I guess this is you looking at new projects.
Back in the 70's and 80's me and my family often holidayed at Staithes north of Whitby. We used to find the odd little bit of Jet,
Apparently after the death of her husband Albert, Queen Victoria wore it constantly as a mourning accessory.

blueskyscotland said...

Yeah, the best place in the UK for quality Jet is down there.
This is not my new project by the way its just me passing the time til this rubbish summer is over and we get back to dry weather again.
You dont need to go far to push the envelope Jim you just need to think out the box a little.I,ve walked across the seabed now I,ve been inspired watching "climbing great buildings" on tv.
Dont think this is what they meant though.On the plus side you dont need all the ropes they use to climb urban mountains just a pair of old gloves,boots and a lot of bottle:)

crowsus said...

What a lovely and interesting site. Do you guys ever go home? Seems to be somewhere new every week!

There is so much I don't know and have not seen of my of own country (I am from Rutherglen). Going out and experiencing the rural and urban delights is great attitude to have, saldy I am too lazy just now (and it never quits raining) but maybe one day I will get out more.

For now I will content myself having a look at your great photos and reading the stories. In addition to the flora and panorama images, there are some brilliant action shots of wildlife (eagles in flight etc) which give the impression of taking little effort to catch despite their quality.

Hope you are having as much fun doing the walks, cycles and the blog as it appears. Enjoy it all!

blueskyscotland said...

Cheers Crowsus.
Mind you if you could see the state of my house you would know why I like to get out of it every weekend.I,m not a duster person.
As it happens Rutherglen/Cambuslang post is coming soon.Hope you like it.