Monday, 19 June 2023

May in the Garscube Estate. 2023.

                                                  ALL PHOTOS CLICK FULL SCREEN.


A quick one from a walk in May as I had the photos ready. Garscube Estate exists in several different sections on Bearsden Road between Anniesland and Bearsden that you can explore in a couple of hours with a circular tour.   Old man of the Woods here, above.


It's a semi private estate but as long as you are well behaved within it you should not have a problem. A woodland path here.


Woodland path in May. Bluebells.

Garscube estate grounds.

Colour Splurge.



Carpet of bluebells near Maryhill Park which you can also visit on this walk along with Dawsholm Park for a longer outing. Three to five hours depending on pace for that.

River Kelvin path.

I remembered it had a good collection of flowers in April/ May/ Early June which is why I thought of it.

Bluebells close up.


Daffodil Balcony View.


Daffodil House.

Building Complex road. Garscube Estate.

A small part of the University of Glasgow's Garscube Sports Complex.

 Unusual duck. From a distance it looked golden. Not a goose though.


Riverside path after rain. Several heavy rainstorm were predicted so it seemed wise to pick a walk with some handy shelter nearby. Trees are taken for granted but they provide a natural umbrella and welcome sunshade for humans as well as all the other things they do for other creatures and the environment. 

 Certainly needed them on this trip with dark thunderclouds rolling in midway through it. I don't mind thunder and lightening storms on a walk though as long as I have the right gear, waterproofs etc. And trees definitely help.  'Forces of Nature' in the raw always put on a good show.

Fungi on a tree. Plenty to look at as the rain poured down and thanks to ample tree cover I barely got wet at all.

Unusual 'bottle brush' flowers,

A' poppy' tree.


Loved the muted colours in this one. Two bullfinches enjoy a woodland puddle for a bath and a drink.


Wild garlic in abundance.

 Female Mallard with two chicks. A swollen River Kelvin.


Earthly stars.

and it was.....all yellow. 

Young bear and mouse carving.


Club house tables.


The wild River Kelvin swollen after downpour.


Bears in the woods

A happy bear!

And I found a friend...  The end.


Kay G. said...

What lovely photos! That looks just like Mountain laurel in the photo just after the River Kelvin one. And I only got to see a bluebells growing in a forest just one time in England but it was unforgettable! Hope your June is going well. ( And I have a draft of a post about mountain laurel from May, I might just actually post it!)

Anabel Marsh said...

All very familiar!

blueskyscotland said...

Thanks Kay.
They have a lot of exotic shrubs there as it was once a grand estate with large house and extensive grounds so it might be mountain laurel.

blueskyscotland said...

Very Familiar! Typical. That doll informed me I was the first person to notice her. Fami---liar right enough. Glad you warned me about her behaviour.

Carol said...

That first carving looks like some carvings we saw at Sleat on Skye which a guy had done with a chainsaw out of fallen dead trees. It was brilliant!

You definitely don't want to shelter under trees in a thunderstorm! We were parked in Whinlatter Forest in our camping van when there was a terrific thunderstorm. There was a really loud crash behind us and the lightning had split the tree right behind the van!

blueskyscotland said...

Hi Carol,
True, It's all about judging where the lighting will strike next though and where its moving across a landscape and I've had plenty of practice at that. Compared to an alpine thunderstorm or an Australian one Scottish ones are much milder at the moment. Not as intense. Famous last words.