Wednesday, 11 October 2017

The Secret Garden. An Autumn Extravaganza.

                                                 ALL PHOTOS CLICK FULL SCREEN
                                                       There is a special place 
                                                         that all fairy folk know
                                                   where the colours of autumn
                                                 seem to have been handpicked
                                                               for sheer beauty
                                                             variety of colour
                                                                    and form.
                                                             Do human hands
                                                  still garden here....
                                                      or some other magic force
                                                       Where abundance flows
                                                                at seasons end
                                                          and cold night frosts
                                                          herald the yearly change
                                                             of the 'little death.'
 in the gardens of Persephone
                                                        as she sinks below again

                                                       to claim a darker throne
                                          beside a new consort, far underground
                                                      and the world fades away
                                                          into winter once again
                                          without her sparkling form beside us.
                                            So how can we even think of destroying...
                                something so precious, complex, and unique as this? 
                                       Our own sweet Earth. Our home.

Keeping with the seasonal changes here is a perfect match for variety and colour. I've long been a fan of this French singer and the best of her groundbreaking elaborate videos. A work of art in itself and well worth a watch full screen.





Anabel Marsh said...

Not your usual style, but I definitely like it!

Rosemary said...

Gorgeous images but must "The Secret Garden" remain just that - I guess that it is in the west of Scotland somewhere.

Linda W. said...

So colorful! Loved this!

Linda said...

Your photos are just gorgeous and have brought me such joy! Thank you so much for sharing.

Carol said...

Those are lovely colourful photos. The Lawyers Wig toadstool - found some just down the road from my new house but keep missing them until they've got soggy and inky (and inedible) like in your photo. Also found where there are some giant puffballs for my dinners next year. I think one of those will last me all day!

blueskyscotland said...

Hi Anabel,
Damn... and here's me thinking I was a kaleidoscope of different writing styles and subjects for posts :o) I'll need to try harder to ring the changes over the next few weeks.

blueskyscotland said...

Cheers Rosemary,
Yes it must.... at least until next week :)

blueskyscotland said...

Thanks Linda W,
more to follow later from the same trip.

blueskyscotland said...

Thank you Linda. Glad you enjoyed it.

blueskyscotland said...

Hi Carol,
I got lucky with the two mushrooms/toadstools as they were in prime condition for a photo. As you know I post a colourful flower tribute every autumn for a friend who is no longer here. One habit/tradition I think I'll keep for the duration of the blog.

Kay G. said...

Really pretty garden. I love it.
I see from your comment above that you have this tribute every autumn for a friend that is no longer with you. I think that is lovely.

Anonymous said...

Stunning tribute, beautiful splash of colour to cheer up a working day

Carol said...

My we guess? is it 'Beth'? I nearly cried when I read about her demise in your book!

blueskyscotland said...

Thank you Kay.

blueskyscotland said...

Hi Andy,
If you watched the second prog in that series Billion Dollar Deals (it was all about work) that would take the shine off again :o) I'm very glad I'm nearing the end of my working life instead of starting out as we will all be cyborgs soon- permanently connected into technology and work 24/7 if big business gets their way. When progress steals your soul as a post title was bang on target.

blueskyscotland said...

Well remembered Carol,
Nearly cried? Sad stuff must be my calling then. I'll have you wailing your eyes out and a five hanky job with my next creative effort on here soon :o)
A short one page story like no other...