Monday, 3 September 2012

Edinburgh.Part Two.The Cityscape..


As this is mainly a collection of photographs they dont need much Introduction. They speak for themselves.I,ve tried to capture what I think is the essence of Edinburgh in these pictures. Hopefully I,ve  managed to find some  new views of Edinburgh from different perspectives that even citizens of this fine city may find surprising or unusual..
The Old Vertical City.Coming  across from Glasgow what gets you in Edinburgh is the height of the older Tenements.This is the Canongate.
Standing Below North Bridge.
North Bridge And Arthur,s Seat. Sorry. Couldn,t resist the Classic viewpoint.

Salisbury Crags From the City.

Botanic Gardens.

Person Handing out flyers. I was one of the few visitors to the city  that  day who wasn,t there to see the fringe.
Looking Towards The Castle Entrance.A Tourist hot spot.

 Taken Further down the royal mile.
The Mound .
Off the Royal Mile and the High Street there are numerous steep stairways.This is one.They usually have names.I thought it would be fun for my 3000 foot (914 metre) total to go up and down every one ...Snakes and Ladders style.
The Scott Monument from below.I climbed this as well for the view.A spiral stair treat.
You get to play sardines here with other tourists.
The same monument from St David Street.

One of Calton hill and tourists on Arthur,s seat.
Calton Hill From North Bridge. You can tell its not Glasgow. This guy would have a traffic cone instead of a seagull if it was.
Balmoral Hotel Clock And Calton Hill.

Cockburn Street.

The Scottish Parliament Building.Fun for dogs.
A view of West End and its spires.
Did I manage to climb 3000 feet in a city.Yup! According to my  pocket altimeter it was 3170 feet after three runs up and down Jacob,s ladder at the end.A long tiring day but I enjoyed it.Only nine miles of foot slog but more hills and stairs than I care to remember.A great city to get fit in.


The Glebe Blog said...

Classic views Bob. The tourist board might be in touch.
The only views I got on my recent flying visit was over to the Isle of May and Fife from the Ocean apartments on Western Harbour.
I can't believe how much Leith has changed since my first visit as a boy, and not for the better I might add.
I love Auld Reekie, but it somehow always tires me out. I wonder if their pavements are harder than other cities.

blueskyscotland said...

Cheers Jim.
Its a great view from there.
Found an 8 minute tribute to Louise Brooks on You tube with smashing music you might like.
Its called "tribute to louise brooks in colour." The amazing thing about it is that for a 1920,s girl is how completely modern she,s always looked.No one else like her from that period.Still copied today in films and fashion all the time.

Carol said...

Didn't realise those tenements were so high! Some superb photos there - it's a lovely city isn't it.

That Scotts Monument looks really gothic in your first photo...

Ken said...

You employed by City of Edinburgh Tourist Board Bob? lol

Good advert for the city though..great photos. Another good vantage point is the roof terrace on the new part of the Chambers Street museum - amazing 360.

A walk around the story of Scotland (quite a few floors of it in the new part of the museum) is well worth the is afternoon tea in the upstairs restaurant :) .

Mac and Cas said...

Some nice photos there Bob - being a Black Cab driver in Auld Reekie I am familiar with most of the views but hats off to you for finding all these great shots! An award from VisitScotland is long overdue!