Thursday, 23 October 2014

Glasgow Parklands. Elixir of Autumn.


                                                        Leaf by leaf, tree by tree

                                                   the fading, falling transformation

from canopy to carpet takes place

                                           A favourite season for some, but not alas, for me

                                  or the wild creatures, as many of them will fade and die

                                          as heat and beauty retreat below the ground

                                  and the old familiar skeletons appear, stripped of flesh

                                           as darkness grows day by day into a tomb

                                                               a half life to endure.


                                                                eternal feminine

                                           as you sink beneath the ground day by day

                                       the warmth from your body becomes memory

                                               and the first long snows of winter appear

                                                     many go to sleep in the freezer

                               and never see the fresh hope of another spring burst forth.

                                                          Will that be me.... this year?



The Glebe Blog said...

A great selection of pictures with some appropriate dialogue to accompany them Bob.
You're waxing quite lyrical, I think your new found fame as an author is inspiring you.
Emilie Simon's a cracking singer. When she came along with 'Flowers', I though she was a kind of cross between Vanessa Paradis and my all time favourite French female singer Françoise Hardy (the first time I heard 'Tous les garcons et les filles' I had to buy the album). Now who did I lend that LP to ?

blueskyscotland said...

Hi Jim,
Don't know if "inspired" is the right word. More like resigned to my fate yet determined nevertheless as I've only sold one paperback book so far, discounting family and close friends.(thank you Carol, hope you think it's value for money when you read it:o) The same number incidentally as Vincent Van Gough sold in his lifetime( paintings obviously)
You've certainly got a wide range of musical tastes Jim as Emilie Simon is hardly a household name in Britain.

Carol said...

Another superb sunset there - don't know where you get them all - I haven't seen a good one at all this year!

I hate when it goes into winter and everything goes dead and dormant too.

I've just cancelled my trip to Scotland next week as the weather's just too unsettled for me to travel all that way (I was thinking Torridon and Dundonnel).

blueskyscotland said...

May be a wise move Carol as it's pretty grim even in Glasgow at the moment.
As I always keep an eye on my favourite natural force, the sun, I never have any problems finding sunsets throughout the year.

Kay G. said...

I take it you are not into gardening? Of course, it looks as if everything dies, but that really isn't the case, it will all come back in the Spring, and if something does die off, then it was its time, and it will make way for new growth.
None of us know how long we will be here, best to make the very best of the time we have... I totally stole that from "Scrooge", the musical. Make sure to search this movie out this Christmas...Ebenezer Scrooge was played by Albert Finney, it is an excellent film.

blueskyscotland said...

Hi Kay,
Yes I like gardening and I'm well aware the lack of colour and warmth is a necessary part of the cycle of nature but I never look forward to the next five months
of grey, grim damp weather where it can stay overcast here for weeks on end with just the threat of flooding, storms, snowdrifts or the occasional glimpse of sunshine to break the monotony until the next spring in Scotland. Winter is not my favourite season. It was dark indoors at 2:30pm today and the lights had to go on to see anything... and its not even started yet. Scrooge was my cheery, optimistic, good natured uncle :o)

Kay G. said...

You might not know this, but I lived in England in 1985. At that time, it was supposed to be the coldest winter in living memory!
And I well remember those cold, grey days when it went for WEEKS when we never saw the sun! (Oddly enough, I remember SCOTLAND had better sunshine that year!) Anyway, I well remember seeing the first signs of was the crocus and I can't tell you how happy it made me to see them pushing their way out of the soil!
And of course, I well understood George Harrison's song, "Here Comes The Sun"! Being from sunny Georgia, I never understood it until I lived in England!

Unknown said...

Hello Alex and Bob,
I'm wondering how I can get in touch with you.
My name is Ian and I'm looking for a picture you have on your blog. It's a picture of Old Kilpatrick.

My dad is from there and he has been looking for a picture he can blow up and frame on his wall.
He now lives in Canada.

If at all possible, could you please try and reach me at my facebook email,

Thanks so much for anything you can do in advance,

Ian Conboy

blueskyscotland said...

Hi Ian,
If you let me know here the name of the post and describe the photo you are interested in I will search to see if I still have it in my bank of files as I've lost most of the early photos when my external hard drive and computer went down last year. Some of the early pictures would be grainy if blown up full size on a wall as I usually just keep the ones I sort out then cut and size for the blog from 3000 down to 800. If it's a large photo then feel free to view it full screen then click and save it for a printed version on your own computer or you could make a montage from several Old Kilpatrick photos as there are plenty on the blog scattered about.
Hope this helps.

blueskyscotland said...

Ian Conboy,
I,m not on Facebook and the previous photographs will not have a high enough resolution for a wall picture but I've been out above Old Kilpatrick recently with my new camera and will post some larger ones in December around Christmas in a new post.