Sunday, 16 December 2018

The Far East Coast. The Birdlands.

                                               ALL PHOTOS CLICK FULL SCREEN.
Sometimes you will go to a place and it just feels different- a bit special.
You can't put your finger  or mind on exactly what it is but something feels unusual.
Yet looking around everything appears normal and ordinary enough.
Now what could it be that makes it stand out?
Maybe the landscape?
Something in the air perhaps?
Or the surroundings?
Or out to sea?
Nope. Nothing there.

 Sometimes mysteries like this one just can't be solved.
Not a clue.
The same old ordinary surroundings.
Maybe in a film perhaps? Something by Hitchcock?
And then it's gone again. Ambiguous and intangible. Beyond reach.
Just ignore the feeling and maybe the strangeness will go away.
A pleasant river walk in bright sunshine will do the trick.
But it still keeps bugging you. What is it that's different? Think boy think!
Maybe a seat will help beside a group of long tailed tits in the trees above.
Nope, keep going down the river to the sea.
The grass seems nice and short here for some unknown reason.
Still, nothing comes to mind.
Beautiful river walk though leading down to the sea.
Can start to smell the beach now and even feel the waves. I'm very attuned to my surroundings at all times you know and pride myself on being hyper observant.
But I couldn't shake the impression that something very different made this place special.
but I'm buggered if I knew what it was. Why do I keep thinking of Tippy Hedren?... and Canada?... and fresh boiled eggs for dinner? No idea. Sometimes things just pop into your head with no clear explanation or apparent cause at all.
A lovely walk though , taken a while ago now.....just before poppy time.

After last weeks slightly downbeat post this is the most upbeat and catchy song I know. A French high tempo, high energy, electro swing number. A breath of fresh air in the music charts. If you don't like this you may be already dead :) Who says there's no great songs anymore? There's thousands of great new artists and acts if you only look for them. To suit all tastes. For some reason they just don't appear on television much these days where the same old faces and bland middle of the road acts tend to dominate proceedings, often lacking any truly catchy new material and melodies.


Carol said...

Some lucky person's got a beautiful bunch of horses there!

Anabel Marsh said...

The birds, the birds! Liked the song - and the red skirt.

Rosemary said...

It looks a lovely place but where exactly is it? Liked the catchy song - a really uplifting little group.

blueskyscotland said...

Hi Carol,
Yes, and well trained to line up for a selfie shot.

blueskyscotland said...

Well spotted Anabel. Tippi Hedren was well cast in the two Hitchcock films The Birds and Marnie and in retrospect was as good as any other actress in those roles. Normally I've not got the patience to sit through Later with Joools as I might only like one act the whole programme but it is varied. I prefer You Tube where you might end up in Russia, France, USA, or Japan just by clicking a button. A great way to find exciting new music or groups you would never normally encounter.

blueskyscotland said...

Most of the photos were taken in Musselburgh Rosemary, a seaside town east of Edinburgh. Good place for a day trip with beach walks, a harbour, a river walk and shops.

Andy said...

A briefer and more enigmatic post than usual but good all the same. I remember "The Birds" terrifying me as a kid! Great tune to finish

blueskyscotland said...

Hi Andy,
Fast is good. Took me a quarter of the time when I miss out history.

Ian Johnston said...

Some great bird images there Bob. I was struggling to place where on the Forth you were, until I read the comments!