Friday, 8 March 2013

Beinn Resipol. A Sunart Weekend.

Motored up to cross the Corran Ferry into Ardgour and Sunart at the weekend with Alex and John. Alex is trying to finish his Corbetts before he hits sixty so he can start enjoying himself on the hills again :0) Driving past Glencoe I took this photo of Crowberry tower and curved ridge on the big Buachaille. Just shows you how your attitudes and ambitions change with age. We used to think nothing of soloing up this route and others winter or summer. Wouldn't do it now in winter. No way.

Once across the ferry into peaceful Sunart we parked near to Alex and John's Corbett of choice- Carn Na Nathrach while I decided to cycle down the length of Loch Shiel instead. Its an area I've always wanted to explore as it looks so wild  and remote viewed from the monument at Glenfinnan.
Full moon over Alex and Johns hill.
Although this road looks good on the map it didn't go quite as I expected. There were a few nice views but overall it was remarkably boring throughout and tediously up and down.
The highlight was this stretch through the logging zone which at least provided me with some photographic opportunities. I struggled to get decent shots on the rest of this trip and turned back as soon as I reached Glenfinnan. Would not recommend this private road for cycling. Good surface though; just very dull. Never mind. Cant win em all
Looking down loch shiel.
The cycle into the bothy was much better as it turned into a terrific evening. I'm not going to name this bothy as Ardgour and Sunart are still lovely remote areas which is more than can be said of a lot of places nowadays. It's MBA but if you know it please don't name it as I'll only remove your comment:) Keep it secret;keep it safe.

Cycling in with full packs after doing the hill/ bike ride. I carried a full bag of coal in on my bike earlier so I did put in a shift after exploring Loch Shiel.
Bird of Prey seen on the track into bothy.
Inside the bothy. For anyone who knows this area yes it is the obvious one you think it is.
Good night was passed around the wood burning stove with a few lumps of coal and firelighters to get it started as the wood was slightly damp.
Amazing the things you see in the flames after a good swally of alcohol. Can you see the log beast in the flames?
Or the snake?
Cracking night but better was to come. To be Continued...


The Glebe Blog said...

Like the moon pic Bob, there's a hint of E.T there.........I'm heading over to part two now, hope you've not just packed up and gone home thinking it would be a good wheeze 【ツ】

Neil said...

It is a nice area Bob. I remember Carn na Nathrach, a very long ridge! Though that I was never going to get there.

blueskyscotland said...

Hi Jim.
Wish I'd thought of putting an ET on a bike inside the moon now. Missed my chance.

blueskyscotland said...

That's what they said Neil so I'm glad I didn't go up it. Ah the beauty of selective bagging. Mission Statement for me:- Stuff your hills if you cant see them; only do the peaks that look the most interesting :) Its worked so far for me!

Carol said...

Lovely warm fire pics at the end - just what I need right now with this bloody cutting wind we've got raging the last few days!

That moon photo is superb - it just looks like a magician's crystal ball balanced on the hillside :-)

blueskyscotland said...

Cheers Carol.
Winter's back with a vengeance up here as well.

Robert Craig said...

Alex should know that people with obsessive Munro-bagging dads complete Munros before their teens these days, but *nobody* completes the Corbetts before retirement :)

I've walked the length of Loch Shiel and enjoyed it a lot. Did you go past the house with the mosaic of a salmon on the wall?